Wind energy barometer 2022

384.9 TWh The estimated electricity production from wind power in the EU of 27 in 2021
Although an improvement was made on the European Union’s wind energy development 2020 level, the pace is much too low to meet the EU climate targets for 2030. According to EurObserv’ER, the additional capacity installed in the European Union of 27 increased by only 11 GW including 0.6 GW of offshore capacity. The wind energy industry reckons that in order to achieve the new goal being discussed of 40% of renewable energy in final energy consumption in 2030, almost three times as much capacity needs to be installed every year. After enjoying an exceptional year for installation, with 72.1 GW in 2020, China’s installation pace slowed down in 2021 with 47.6 GW of new wind energy capacity. Part of this was 16.9 GW of offshore wind energy, with the result that China now dominates global offshore wind energy market segment.

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