Solid biofuels barometer 2022

+8.1% The growth of inland consumption from solid biofuels in the EU27 between 2020 and 2021

European Union solid biofuels energy consumption reached new peaks in 2021, and this trend extends to all forms from log wood, to pellets, wood waste and by-products. EurObserv’ER puts this 2021 figure at 104.2 Mtoe, which amounts to a 8.1% year-on-year rise. This growth spurt can be ascribed to a 7.8 Mtoe increase in consumption driven by a harsher 2020-2021 winter, a longer heating period in the main European Union climate zones, and by the hike in fossil energy prices in the second half of the year that made biomass fuels more competitive. Additional consumption is recorded in the European Union figures for both solid biofuels electricity output, which grew by 9.7 TWh and heat consumption which increased by almost 6.1 Mtoe over the previous winter’s level.

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