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Wind energy barometer 2015

baro-jde16_FR10.1% The growth of the total wind power capacity in the EU in 2014
The 2014 global wind energy market surged and set a new record after the previous year’s slowdown. More than 52 GW of capacity was installed across the world compared to a little less than 37 GW in 2013. Global wind energy took a 41.4% leap in 2014 to culminate in more than 371 GW of installed capacity.

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Photovoltaic barometer 2015

EurObservER-Photovoltaic-Barometer-201586 674 MWp in the European Union at the end of 2014
The global photovoltaic market continued to expand between 2013 and 2014, rising from 37.6 GW to almost 40 GW unlike the European Union market that plummeted further. The EurObserv’ER estimate of the European photovoltaic market is about 6.9 GWp in 2014, a 32.3 % drop on 2013, yet three years earlier, in 2011, it hovered around the 22 GWp mark.

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Solar thermal and concentrated solar power barometer 2015

EurObservER-Solar-Thermal-and-CSP-Barometer-2015_mini2 311,5 MWe The CSP plant generation capacity in the EU at the end of 2014
European concentrated solar power capacity remained stable in 2014 and will probably post a negligible increase in 2015. Construction work on a number of new facilities in Italy that are scheduled for commissioning in 2016 and 2017 could commence in the second half of the year. The European solar thermal market for producing heat, domestic hot water and heating has not found the recipe for recovery. According to EurObserv’ER , the market contracted by a further 3.7% from its 2013 level which is the sixth decrease in a row.

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Biofuels barometer 2015

Biofuel-barometer-2015-cover+ 6.1% The increase of biofuel consumption in European Union transport between 2013 and 2014 (in energy content)

Biofuel consumption for transport picked up in Europe after a year of uncertainty and decline, increasing by 6.1% over 2013, to 14 million toe (Mtoe) according to EurObserv’ER ’s first estimates. However it is still below its 2012 level when 14.5 Mtoe of biofuel was incorporated. Consumption of biofuel that meets the European Renewable Energy directive’s sustainability criteria rose to 12.5 Mtoe, its highest level so far.

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Heat pumps barometer 2015

Heat-pumps-barometer-2015-cover10% the increase of the aerothermal air/air heat pump market in the EU between 2013 and 2014
Heat pumps have moved up the ranks of renewable energy-producing heating technologies since the mid-2000s. The EU Member States’ individual market trends are characterised by the technologies used and their heating and cooling needs. More than 1.7 million systems were sold in the European Union in 2014. According to EurObserv’ER, several market factors were responsible for sales dipping slightly below their 2013 level of just under 2 million.

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Solid biomass barometer 2015

EurObservER-Soid-biomass-Barometer-2015_mini+ 4.5% the growth of electricity from solid biomass in the UE between 2013 and 2014

The European Reanalysis and Observations for Monitoring (EURO4M) project experts report that the year 2014 was unusually hot on the European continent, with the highest temperatures on record, following on from 2013 whose winter conditions were also exceptionally mild, and ahead of 2015 which is also set to be very warm. This situation led to a fall in solid biomass consumption for heating across the European Union. In 2014 electricity output increased by 4.5% on its 2013 level to 84.8 TWh, as the vagaries of climate have less impact on demand and it was also boosted by the expansion of biomass cogeneration and new coal-fired power plant conversions.

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15th annual overview barometer

For sixteen years now, EurObserv’ER has been collecting data on European Union renewable energy sources to describe the state and thrust of the various sectors in its focus studies or barometers. The first part of this assessment is an updated and completed summary of the work published in 2015 in Systèmes Solaires (Journal de l’Éolien n° 16, Journal du Photovoltaïque n° 13 and Journal des Énergies Renouvelables n° 227, 228 and 229).

This publication provides a complete overview of the twelve renewable sectors. Their performances are compared against the sta-ted goals set out by each country in its National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP). Additionally, for the sixth year running, the EurObserv’ER consortium members have published their annual renewable energy share estimates of overall final energy consumption for each Member State of the European Union. These figures provide preliminary indication of how the various countries are faring along their renewable energy paths and whether their individual trends point to successful achievement of the targets set by European Directive 2009/28/EC.

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