22nd annual overview barometer

Webinar - 22nd annual overview barometer
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EurObserv’ER – Webinar
22nd Annual Overview Barometer

Join us to discover the significant advancements and current challenges of renewable energies in Europe, showcased in the 22nd annual report on this critical topic. This webinar highlights the work of our experts who have analyzed trends, investments, and the socio-economic impact of renewable energies across the continent.


  • Uta Zähringer: Moderator, head of the Department of Academic Programs at Renewables Academy, Berlin.
  • Diane Lesco: Team leader at Observ-er, presented a general overview of the Observer project, which started in 1999.
  • Frederic Tuillé: Discussed energy indicators, highlighting challenges and progress in installed capacity and energy production.
  • Julia Panny: Researcher at Fraunhofer ISI, presented indicators on renewable energy sources in buildings, focusing on heating and cooling as well as on the self-consumption of photovoltaic installations.
  • Lin Zheng:  Fraunhofer ISI, Addressed investment indicators, noting a significant increase in investments in photovoltaics compared to wind power.
  • Floris Uleman: From TNO Energy Transition, discussed the costs of renewable energies and their competitiveness, as well as the impact on employment and the savings achieved through the reduction of fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.

The webinar presented the key results on:

  • Energy indicators (installed RES in EU-27, RES in buildings)
  • Socio-economic indicators (jobs and turnover gross added value)
  • Investment indicators
  • Renewable energy costs and energy prices
  • Avoided fossil fuel use and resulting avoided costs and GHG emissions
  • Indicators on innovation, competitiveness, and international trade

Join this enlightening session to better understand how Europe is moving towards a more sustainable future through renewable energy.

The recording is already up on our YouTube channel

EurObserv’ER has been gathering information and data on renewable energy sources in the EU for more than twenty years to describe the state and development of the sectors in themed barometers. The first part of this opus is a summary per RES sector, communicating the main tendencies in each sector for the years 2021 and 2022.

The following chapters supply socioeconomic indicators on employment and turnover, investment costs, avoided fossil fuel use and resulting avoided expenses and GHG emissions thanks to the development of the RES sectors. They also provide for an insight on EU competitiveness and innovation capability regarding renewable energy technologies.

Discover the Latest Insights on Renewable Energy: Download the 22nd Annual Overview Barometer Summary!