Fraunhofer Institute ISI

The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI conducts applied research in seven Competence Centers with a total of 28 Business Units and sees itself as an independent institute for society, politics and industry. Our expertise in the area of innovation research is based on the synergy of the technical, economic and social science knowledge of our staff members. In our work we apply not only a broad spectrum of advanced scientific theories, models, methods and social-science measurement instruments, but continually develop them further, utilizing the empirical findings from the research projects conducted.

On behalf of our customers we investigate the scientific, economic, ecological, social, organizational, legal and political framework conditions for generating innovations and their implications. We use scientifically based analysis, evaluation and forecasting methods. Our assessments of the potentials and limitations of technical, organizational or institutional innovations help decision-makers from industry, academia and politics in making strategic
decisions and thus assist them in creating a favorable environment for innovations. Thus Fraunhofer ISI one of the leading innovation research institutes in Europe.

The Competence Center Energy Policy and Energy Markets contributes towards developing the political and institutional framework for a sustainable energy system. The intensive utilization of renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency are key strategies to satisfy energy demand, ensure security of supply and protect the climate in an environment- and resource-saving way. Renewable energies and climate protection technologies contribute towards strengthening the competitive position of the export-oriented capital goods industry. In the coming decades, great market opportunities will open up for them in domestic and international markets. We design and evaluate energy and climate policy measures and instruments for a more rapid and cost effective development of a sustainable energy system as well as strategies for research and development. The integration of renewable energies in electricity markets and infrastructures, but also in the heat markets will be a major challenge until the mid-century.

Our analytical work on the impacts of an increased utilization of renewable and energy efficient technologies on employment, income, the economic structure and the environment help decision-makers in the practical design of effective policy instruments.

In addition, we advise our national and international clients from governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as industry on the introduction of future-oriented technological, economic and institutional innovations.

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