Solid biofuels barometer 2023

-4.1% The decrease of inland consumption from solid biofuels in the EU27 between 2021 and 2022

According to EurObserv’ER, solid biofuel energy consumption, in all its forms (from roundwood to wood pellets, wood waste and by-products, residue, plant and other renewable industrial waste) in the European Union of 27 should settle at about 100.3 Mtoe. This is the second highest annual consumption figure ever recorded in the EU, following 2021 when a new record was made. The slide from the 2021 peak can be attributed first and foremost to the year’s milder average temperatures, which reduced heating needs across the European Union. Furthermore, wood pellet supply circuit pressures hit industrial users, exacerbated by the backdrop of tighter biomass sustainability criteria monitoring, international tensions with Russia and record energy market prices.

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