Wind energy barometer 2023

419.5 TWh The estimated electricity production from wind power in the EU of 27 in 2022
The European Union’s wind energy sector is still on track despite the disappointing state of the winds. EurObserv’ER puts newly installed capacity in 2022 at about 15 GW, including 963 MW of offshore capacity. Once the capacity of decommissioned turbines is subtracted, and replacements by more powerful units is allowed for, the net additional wind turbine capacity figure increased by at least 14.4 GW in the twelve months to the end of 2022, which amounts to 28% growth on the 2021 level (11.3 GW). While this result is a step in the right direction, the growth pace is too slow to meet the European Union’s renewable energy production targets. In 2022, wind power output picked up again after the turmoil of 2021, increasing by 8.4% to 419.5 TWh (i.e., 32.6 TWh more than in 2021).

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