Solar thermal and concentrated solar power barometer 2024

– 23.9% The decrease of the solar thermal market in the European Union between 2022 and 2023
The European Union solar thermal market’s two-year growth spurt stalled abruptly in 2023, leading to a 23.9% market contraction. EurObserv’ER quantifies the annual installed solar thermal collector surface for 2023 at just over 1.8 million m2 compared to the previous year’s installation figure of 2.4 million m2. The drop, which hit almost all EU countries, dealt the German market a particularly severe blow, pushing it down into second place in the rankings behind Greece. Looking on the bright side, the Greek solar thermal market expanded by 10%, and in doing so, consolidated its solar thermal supremo status. Other positive factors were the programmed build-up of solar heating networks in Germany and the commissioning of several major solar industrial heat projects.

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