Photovoltaic barometer 2023

195 413.2 mw Cumulative photovoltaic capacity in the European Union in 2022
Solar photovoltaic energy is keeping its shine. Initial assessments of the net maximum capacity connected to grids worldwide in the twelve months to the end of 2022 indicate at least 191.5 GWac (ac for alternative current), which would take global capacity up to 1 046.6 GWAC. The expansion of industrial module and electrochemical storage manufacturing capacities is hastening solarization of the global electricity mix. The European Union, having connected at least 32.8 GWac of net maximum capacity in 2022 and 195.4 GWac of capacity to date, is eyeing new heights. Its combined solar power output of 205.2 TWh, boosted by the record sunshine levels of 2022, increased by 29.6% (by 46.9 TWh) on its 2021 performance.

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