Photovoltaic barometer 2024

256 911.8 mw Cumulative photovoltaic capacity in the European Union in 2023
Solar photovoltaic had an outstanding year in 2023. IRENA reported that over 345.5 GW of capacity was installed globally compared to 199.1 GW in 2022 and 145.1 GW in 2021 (net maximum capacity installed and connected at the end of the calendar year). Thus, installed global capacity to date rose to 1 412.1 GW. The European Union and United States enjoyed unheard of increases in their solar photovoltaic capacities. Yet, they pale by comparison with the unbridled rise of photovoltaic in China, which installed 216.9 GW in 2023… more than the previous year’s total global market. With net maximum capacity standing at 53.1 GW in 2023 as quantified by EurObserv’ER, the European Union is the world’s No. 2 market, ahead of the United States, which added 27.1 GW.

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