Photovoltaic barometer 2022

158 911.4 mw Cumulative photovoltaic capacity in the European Union in 2021
The solar photovoltaic market upturn held up well in spite of the increase in energy and solar system component prices that characterised 2021 across the globe. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) put worldwide maximum net installed solar capacity at 843.1 GW at the close of the year, which equates to 133.6 GW of new capacity in 12 months. More than half of this additional capacity was installed in Asia (53.7%), while Europe and North America ran neck and neck with 17.2% and 16.5% respectively. The EurObserv’ER consortium’s calculations conclude that the European Union of 27 added maximum net capacity of 22.3 GW, which takes the European base to date to 158.4 GW after subtracting decommissioned capacity.

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