Photovoltaic barometer 2020

130 670 MW Cumulative photovoltaic capacity in the EU 28 at the end of 2019
The amount of solar photovoltaic capacity installed across the world in 2019 is lower than expected. It will just pass the 100-GW threshold, which is much the same as in 2018 (which the IEA PVPS experts reassessed at 103.6 GW in December 2019), and enough to pass the half-million installed megawatts threshold worldwide. In 2019, the Chinese market’s continuing and greater than forecast decline, was offset by strong growth in the other markets, the United States and European markets in particular. The global Covid-19 pandemic, its effects on the global production, distribution and installation circuits, and the ensuing global economic recession will naturally have an impact on the 2020 market, even if it is too early to quantify.

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