EurObserv’ER online database – Information



This database is built on indicators from The State of Renewable Energies in Europe, and from barometers dedicated to one particular renewable energy sector. Those are published by the European project EurObserv’ER and financed by the European Union under contract n°ENER/C2/2016-487/SI2.742173.

Data are from Eurostat, the European statistical agency, and research from EurObserv’ER. Sources are indicated below each indicator.

Navigation tree

Visitors have to use the navigation tree one right of the page in order to access to the data of the database.

All data can be downloaded on an Excel file.

Complementary information

A methodological note explains each type of indicators presented in the database, on the bottom-right of each page.

Some of the data presented are not accessible for each country. They are classified as “not available”: n.a.

Thousands are marked with a space i.e.: 1 000 = One thousand. Decimals are marked with a coma, i.e 1 000,2 = One thousand point two.