EC BREC Institute of Renewable Energetic Ltd

logo-ieoEC BREC Institute of Renewable Energetic Ltd is an independent consultancy company, established in 2001 and owned by experts, former employed by or partners of the EC Baltic Renewable Energy Centre –EC BREC (established by the European Commission in 1994), to link the typical research, technology promotion and policy development activities that had been carried out by the EC Centre, with the current needs of private investors and local authorities in Poland. In EC BREC Ltd the personal knowledge and experience of experts is used in order to the development of projects connected with renewable energy promotion and implementation in Poland.

EC BREC Ltd provides 22 highly qualified specialists, with sound expert background in renewable energy and sustainable energy problems. Depending on the requirements, the projects are supported by experts working in various fields of utilisation of renewables: biomass energy, wind energy, solar energy, energy planning, strategy and policy, technology promotion. Specified tasks of EC BREC are: support to the national government in preparation of legal regulations, policies, strategies and programs of renewable energy utilisation, implementation of legal and political documents concerning utilisation of renewable energy sources in Poland, promotion of mechanisms and instruments supporting development of RES in the European Union member states and other countries, co-operation with domestic and foreign financial institutions in gaining support to system development of renewable energy sector and formation of renewable energy market in Poland, assistance to local and regional governments in elaboration of strategies, inventories, and identification of investment possibilities in utilisation of renewable energy sources on local and regional levels, assessments of environmental and social impacts of RES investments.

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