ECN – Energy research Centre of the Netherlands

ecn_thumbThe Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) is active within the transition area between fundamental research carried out by universities and the application of knowledge within the market. It is the largest research centre in the Netherlands in the field of energy (600 people employed by the end of 2006).

ECN focuses on the knowledge and information required by the government to develop and evaluate policies and to achieve policy objectives in the field of energy, the environment and technological innovation.
ECN works together with national and international industry in the development and implementation of products, processes and technologies important for the transition to a sustainable energy system.
ECN closely cooperates with Dutch and foreign universities and research institutes and performs a bridging function towards implementation by carrying out technological research.

The business unit Policy Studies offers public authorities, companies and civil society independent advice with respect to energy and environmental issues. Innovation in the field of policy studies focuses on the enhancement of the synergy between market forces and goals of sustainability. The multidisciplinary project teams provide consultancy services at the national, European and global level.

ECN is active in the following research field: solar energy, wind energy, fuel cell research, hydrogen research, system integration, catalytic emission reduction, clean use of fossil fuels, CO2 capture & storage, biomass, biofuels, environmental research, energy efficiency, policy studies, process system engineering and software & electrical engineering.

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